In Honor of Bill Burwell


Former Board Member Bill Burwell

Attorney Bill Burwell has been a passionate supporter of The Bair Foundation ministry since our very early days. He has served on various Boards at The Bair Foundation since 1983, most recently serving as Chairman of The Bair Foundation of Pennsylvania and on the Christian Family Services Management Corporation Board. As a board member, he contributed legal and financial insights to the leadership team of Bair, a ministry he deeply loved.  In addition to his work at The Bair Foundation, he was also involved in Venango County prison ministry, an elder at Galloway United Methodist Church and one time president of the Grove City Chapter of the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship. Bill resides in Franklin, Pennsylvania with his wife Traci and his family.

Bill Burwell's A.B.L.E. Special Needs Initiative

Bill Burwell’s A.B.L.E. (Assuring a Better Life Experience) Special Needs Initiative, is part of Bair’s Make Up the Difference campaign that gives children in foster care with special needs, the means and opportunities that will enhance their lives. A.B.L.E helps to purchase items that are not covered by normal foster care payments.


These foster children are special and so are their needs.


Your donation could provide one or more of the following items to support a foster child with health care issues, such as various disorders, intellectual delays and disabilities. These items include but are not limited to:

  • Adaptive aids — items necessary to treat, rehabilitate, prevent or compensate for any medical condition our children may experience. Adaptive aids could also be devices that enable our children to perform the activities of daily living such as chair lifts, railings, special equipment, and teaching tools.

  • Minor home modifications — necessary physical modifications to a foster parent’s home to prevent institutionalization. The modifications ensure health, welfare and safety or to enable greater independence in the home.

  • Summer Camps for Children with Disabilities – enables medically needy foster youth to attend a summer camp that provides adaptive activities in a positive, inclusive environment.

  • Funeral Expenses – sometimes children come into our care who are terminally ill. Our families do a tremendous job of providing the love, care and quality of life that these precious children deserve. When a child passes away due to their medical condition, this initiative provides assistance for funeral arrangements.



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